Beaches and Lumbarda



Sandy Tatinja is located on the north side of Lumbarda only a few minutes walking distance from the center of the village. It has beautiful view over Korcula archipelago, peninsula Peljesac and town Orebic. 

Near the beach there are great restaurant and very popular pizzeria.

Our house is just 30 meters from there.


The biggest sandy beach is named Przina, located on the south side of Lumbarda and faces open sea and island Lastovo. 

Silky sand and clear sea makes it very popular place to swim. 

In Przina there are a few catering facilities and a beach volleyball court.

Bilin Žal

Sandy beach on the north side, opposite of Przina, only few minutes walking distance through the vineyards is Bilin Zal which faces peninsula Peljesac.

Cape Ražnjić

Although Lumbarda is famous for its natural sandy beaches, for those who like wild and isolated beaches Lenga Brendana is an ideal place. The one kilometer long rocky coast stretches from Bilin Zal to the eastern endpoint of the island Korcula, cape Raznjic.

The sea is crystal clear and the sea bed is ideal for snorkeling. The coast is surrounded by the pine trees and has many isolated places to enjoy in the nature.


Lumbarda is a small Mediterranean fishing village located at the eastern end of the island of Korcula, surrounded by sandy beaches and sandy vineyards, and is known for the famous white wine called Grk, a very rare indigenous Croatian variety.

It has a rich history preserved in a written document more than two millennia old. It is seven kilometers away from the town of Korcula. These two places are connected by a road and a beautiful landscape of pine forests and olive groves.

Lumbarda is the tourist center of the island of Korcula, many of the 1200 inhabitants are engaged in tourist services that include trips to the islands of Mljet and Lastovo, a tour of the islands of the Korcula archipelago, and diving trips to many underwater locations. Winegrowers, fishermen and stonemasons are famous.

Everything you may need during your holiday is in the center which you can visit in just a few minutes walk.

Lumbarda has developed its own peaceful rhythm of life, and preserved old traditions and cultural heritage. In short, it is an ideal place for a quiet and interesting vacation.