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Studio apartment Silvana Korcula Lumbarda Dalmatia Croatia

Korcula-info: Road traffic in Croatia

Documents: To enter Croatia, a driver's licence, an automobile registration card and vehicle insurance documents (including Green Card) are required.
Permitted speeds:
  • 50 km/h - within built-up areas
  • 90 km/h - outside built-up areas
  • 110 km/h - on major motor routes
  • 130 km/h - on motorways
  • 80 km/h - for motor vehicles with a caravan trailer
  • 80 km/h - for buses and buses with a light trailer
Driving with headlights is not obligatory during day in summer season.
Mobile phones: Use of mobile phones while driving is not permitted, except with a device enabling hands-free use.
Maximum permitted amount of alcohol in blood: 0.5 per mill ! For young drivers (16 - 24 years) and professional drivers a total alcohol ban applies.
Use of safetly seat belts is required for all seats with built-in seat belts.
Drivers are required to wear reflective vests when performing activities around vehicles parked on the road.
In the Republic of Croatia, tolls are paid in proportion to the length of the used section and according to the corresponding vehicle group. At toll stations of Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o. (HAC), toll can be paid in cash, by credit cards - AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO, VISA, by cheques and by means of subscription. Toll can also be paid in foreign currencies according to the exchange rate of PBZ on the day of toll payment.

On motorways in the Republic of Croatia, two toll systems are applied: the open and the closed toll system. On road structures (bridges, tunnels) and on shorter motorway sections, the open toll system is applied. In such system, the toll station is at the same time the point of entry and exit so that collection is made immediately, according to the corresponding vehicle collection group. On motorways with several entrances and exits closed toll collection system is in place. This means that the motorway user while entering the motorway gets the toll card which is paid while exiting the motorway.

Some of the toll rates, for more info visit Croatian Motorways Ltd.
  • Zagreb - Ĺ estanovac: 171 HRK
  • Zagreb - Split: 157 HRK
  • Zagreb - Macelj (Krapina): 10 HRK
  • Zagreb - Gorican (Varazdin): 45 HRK
  • Zagreb - Rijeka: 56 HRK
  • Bregana - Zagreb: 5 HRK
  • Zagreb - Lipovac: 92 HRK
  • Ucka Tunnel (Rijeka - Pazin): 28 HRK
  • Krcki most Bridge: mainland - island of Krk: 30 HRK
Fuel prices (Kunas/liter)
Super 95
Eurosuper 95
Blue Diesel
Auto Gas